Based on an extensive review of scholarly literature, the Akuttujuuk Network has identified six pillars for successful bilingual education across Inuit Nunangat:

1. Effective bilingual education is first and foremost effective education, built on pillars that are relevant to any model of education. These include appropriate resourcing, curriculum, leadership, teachers, support, infrastructure, and information sharing.
2. Effective bilingual education builds on existing language practices and expands opportunities for language learning.
3. Effective bilingual education affirms and builds on identities and cultures.
4. Effective bilingual education is sensitive and responsive to its specific sociopolitical and linguistic context.
5. Effective bilingual education is understood and supported at all levels. It is led by people equipped to pursue its goals.
6. Effective bilingual education is an integrated component of broader efforts toward language and culture reclamation (where such reclamation is one of the goals of bilingual education) as well as lifelong learning.

Further detail is available here.

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