The Resources section of the Akuttujuuk website brings together links to the network tools used by the members as well as links to selected websites relevant to bilingual education across Inuit Nunangat.

Network Resources

Knowledge Forum
Knowledge Forum is an online workspace to support collaboration of network members.

Those who wish to use Twitter to share network information can follow the network feed at @Akuttujuuk and are encouraged to use the #Akuttujuuk hashtag.

The network currently maintains a private Facebook group for members. An open group is planned for the near future.
The network maintains an channel to support reliable distribution of video content across Inuit Nunangat. The following is an example:


Additional Resources

National Inuit Youth Council

The Pirurvik Centre runs a multitude of programs to support Inuit language, culture and wellbeing. Of particular interest are the Tusaalanga iOS app for learning Inuktitut on the iPhone/iPad and the Inuktut Naqittautit iOS keyboard.

The Living Dictionary
The Living Dictionary is a visionary crowdsourced Inuktitut/English/French dictionary.