ICC Alaska Promoting Transformed Inuit Education

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ICC Alaska is working toward improving Inuit education in Alaska. In 2015, it published the Alaska Inuit Education Improvement Strategy (available at http://iccalaska.org/wp-icc/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Alaskan-Inuit-Education-Improvement-Strategy-2015-PROOF.pdf).

The Strategy advocates for action in six main areas (p. 4):
1. Promote the indigenization of education frameworks to more clearly align with Inuit ideologies.
2. Suggest, advocate for, and influence policies related to Inuit education.
3. Research, advocate for, and promote the development, implementation, and sharing of culture‐based curriculum that focuses on students’ identity as Inuit.
4. Promote Inuit language education.
5. Foster educational leadership capacity among Alaska Inuit.
6. Revitalize and reclaim traditional Inuit parenting skills.

These points overlap with Canadian Inuit’s National Strategy on Inuit Education, which also focuses on mobilizing parents, promoting bilingual and intercultural education, and fostering Inuit leadership at all levels of education.

Last week, Inuit educators gathered in Anchorage, Alaska, to move ICC’s strategy forward. Hear about it here:

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